Celia Wren, The Washington Post:

The production is a reminder that theatre, as an art form, is a lot like Lucy’s wardrobe.  As an audience member, you enter a confined space, only to discover—if you’re lucky, as you are here—a world of emotion and vivid excitement.

Jane Horowitz, The Washingtonian Magazine:

Most, important, the production’s co-creators never talk down to their young audience…a great range of feelings fills the stage—wonder, anguish, betrayal, forgiveness, redemption, triumph—none of them watered down. 


Celia Wren, The Washington Post:

Stanford has guided Way’s 90-minute tale so judiciously that even sequences that could feel too familiar—nostalgic reminiscences of childhood pleasures, portraits of sibling rivalry and so on—have a mysterious resonance to them……directed by Stanford, it brims with orchestral theatricality.

Dramaturgy & Producing

Karen Zacarias, Award-winning Regional Theatre Playwright:

Janet has made it her mission to ask playwrights of color to create new plays for her audience.  The craft I learned while writing my children’s plays under her direction has translated into a vibrant artistic muscle that has influenced and bettered my work for adults.  She made me a better writer…and a better person…by reminding me to never lose sight of why I am writing a story.   With Imagination Stage, I have watched her grow an idea into an institution with substance and integrity and provide an impetus and home for all the new stories she has fostered.  She has changed the face and content of TYA.


Psalmayene 24, DC based Hip Hop Artist, Playwright/Director/Actor:

Janet Stanford is a visionary and perpetually progressive-minded artistic leader who has had an invaluable impact on my career. As Imagination Stage’s artistic director, she commissioned my first TYA play, Zomo the Rabbit: A Hip-Hop  Creation Myth, and subsequently commissioned three more of my hip-hop TYA plays. She has demonstrated an extraordinary commitment to fostering an environment in which all artists—including Black artists, like myself—can do their best work. Janet is a shining light of the American theatre.”

Eric Johnson, Award-winning Artistic Director of Honolulu Theatre for Youth:

Long before anyone should have done so, Janet gave me a shot as a director, and she has stood beside me, nudged me, challenged and inspired me ever since.   As our relationship effortlessly transitioned to collaborator and colleague, my admiration for her has increased exponentially.




Dickens’s DAVY COPPERFIELD: review by Carolyn Ross in Family Music ‘n Arts

Dickens’s Davy Copperfield…is simply triumphant…Writer and Director Janet Stanford employs farcical sketches to illustrate what might otherwise be a confusing plot to follow, and lending a kind of briskness to the action kids would not find in reading the original tome…A great lesson about appreciating the love you’ve got.

ALADDIN’S LUCK: review by Julia Exline in Maryland Theatre Guide

With a fantastic set, enthusiastic and gifted actors, and an interesting, engaging, and meaningful plot,  Aladdin’s Luck is an absolute joy to watch.